"Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Pablo Picasso

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Artistic Rebuttal Book Project: My Rebuttals

One of my pieces made the cover!

Merging Art with Advocacy: The Artistic Rebuttal Book Project (via ARTSblog)

(via artisticrebuttal.tumblr.com)

"On Sunday, January 30th, I was horribly disturbed by a conversation between TOTALLY smart and better-than-everyone-undergraduates that I overheard in the subway on the way to work. Here is the conversation….before I exited the subway car before my head exploded:

'Art is, like, the most worthless degree anyone can get. Like, haha, they have a degree in making shit with pop sicle sticks.'

Now I’m not na├»ve, I realize that this really is what some people think about art who don’t live artistic lives, but people this young? I thought the youth of this country were more appreciative of art as a lifestyle and a valid career choice. Their sentiments enraged me (and what I have realized about myself is that it usually takes a bout of anger to get me moving), so, in artistic fashion, I want to make a book full of rebuttals to the “art is worthless” debate. That is to say, a book full of “Oh yeah! Art is worthless? Take this!” But with a bit more research and validity, of course :)

Art is too important to let conversations like this one be ignored. I don’t want the people running this country when i’m old and feeble to not appreciate what I dedicated my entire life to, you know? I would feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything.

Let’s do this thing!"

-Amy Scheidegger

Where to Buy the Book?

In an email I received today, Amy says:

THERE WILL BE a 2012 VERSION of the book! The project is still building up steam in many parts of the world, so we can't stop now :) The calls for artists/arts advocates will go out in early February 2012, so start brainstorming a rebuttal!
Check it out at: http://artisticrebuttal.tumblr.com
or on facebook at: Artistic Rebuttal Book Project

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